You've finally landed that quality hottie and you decide that you want to keep her around for awhile. Does this mean the game is over? Absolutely Not.

From Christian McQueen, the man that brought you The Alpha Playboy comes the second installment in the series for men aspiring to the playboy lifestyle.


The Alpha Playboy Part Two: Daygame + Relationship Game.


I decided to write this sequel due to the many inquiries I'm bombarded with on a constant basis. Men who have put in the work and finally had sex with stunning women for the first time in their lives, but were still unsure how to keep these women beyond the casual phase.


Lots of guys want to learn game to eventually meet one girl to get into a long-term relationship with. Totally cool and this book shows you:

  • How to keep her interested.
  • How to keep her attraction and attention without devoting all of your energy and time into her.
  • SECRETS for players to have healthy LASTING relationships with beautiful women.
  • You’ll be taught how to deal with ‘competition’ from other men and how to NOT be constantly worried about her cheating.

There are precise ways you must handle a high quality woman and if you get it wrong, you will lose her forever. I’ve gone through the love and loss with beautiful women in the past and learned a lot from the experiences through trial and error. I wish there was someone there standing over my shoulder to tell me then what I know now. Well, I'm giving you just this opportunity now. To learn from my years of expertise and avoid having to figure it all out from scratch.

In ADDITION to relationship game I’ve decided to share my DAY GAME strategy.


While nightclubs are prime grounds to find fast, casual encounters, many quality women rarely if ever go to clubs. Where do you meet these hot girls that don’t like to grind on random cock every weekend? You meet them out in the real world. It’s indispensable to know how to meet and seduce women outside the night zone environment.


Once you’ve put my DAY GAME strategy to use, you’ll NEVER be at a loss for what to do and say when that hottie is walking your way in the store aisle. I give you all the tools you need to be a successful day gamer. EVERYTHING you need to know about remaining an ALPHA frame in a relationship and to start successfully approaching in day situations is right here.


An ENTIRE 21 CHAPTERS dense with techniques and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

    In this Ebook You Will Discover...

    • Day Game

      You will be given everything you need to approach women in every day common situations. You will taught the proper mindset going into an approach. How to approach and opening lines. How to get her number. Where are the the best places for day game. How to transition to an insta date and much more!

    • Relationship Game

      I will teach you the dos and donts before entering an LTR. The relationship time-line guide. You will know how to tell if a girl is a keeper. My own personal stories. How to inoculate yourself against oneitis. How to test your girl’s loyalty. How to hang out reward and punishment. And of course, much more!

    Table of Contents from The Alpha Playboy Part Two

    Here are the topics I cover in thorough detail in my new book:


    • Your Relationship Mindset
    • Do's and Dont's Before Entering A LTR
    • Relationship Time-Line Guideline
    • How To Tell If She's A Keeper
    • Discipline and Punishment
    • Tasks and Rewards
    • Gifts: What Should A Playboy Do?
    • Creating Your 'Own' World With Her
    • How To Get Over Oneitis
    • How To Prevent Ever Getting Oneitis Again
    • She Cheated! Now What?
    • Testing Your Girl's Loyalty
    • The Mistress Method
    • Infatuation vs. Love
    • Your Mindset For Day Game
    • How To Approach
    • The Approach Challenge
    • Opening Lines
    • The Best Way To Get Her Number
    • Best Spots For Day Game
    • Transitioning From Day Game To Night Game Mode and Vice Versa.

    In Addition to Everything Above...

    I am packing in some extra content from my previous best-selling books: You will get excerpt chapters from:


    • The Alpha Playboy
    • The Night Club Bible
    • The Strip Club Bible
    • The Players Guide to Text Game

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    See What Everyone Is Saying About The Alpha Playboy 2


    Well Christian McQueen has done it again, dropping some hardcore truth bombs and awesomely helpful content in his latest book “The Alpha Playboy 2” A follow up to “The Alpha Playboy” Unlike a fizzled out movie sequel, this book is substantive in content and whether or not you are already in a relationship should be read by all men! I would even say that all of Christian’s content should be mandatory reading for junior high boys – just like how shop class was required. This is a very worthwhile book. Christian once again packs a punch of robust content to help guys develop their mindset and confidence with women.


    I was completely wrecked from my last relationship where my ex-girlfriend took my heart, smashed it into a thousand pieces, and left me a broken man. The Alpha Playboy Part 2 helped me get back on my feet and get my self-confidence back. Thank you Christian!

    - Jared T.

    If you are a man and you buy just one book in your entire life about how to deal with women in relationships, buy this book. It is unlike anything I have ever read on the male/female dating dynamic.

    - Dr. Jayson L.

    Christian doesn't just re-write the script on dating, he breaks it down EXACTLY for you. I'm not the best with women...yet, but with this book, I know I have the tools to become great. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

    - Simon G.

    If you consider yourself a player, or you want to become a player, there's two books you should own over anything else: The Alpha Playboy and The Alpha Playboy Part 2. These are the 'bibles' on Game. I wish I would have had these years ago. Better late than never.

    - Kevin C.

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